Anti-hangover breakfast at Trusis Kafe


It was a Saturday morning. Cannot remember how I got home last night… My mate was sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Beer festival “Līgo Ziema” took place this afternoon. We’ve had a couple of Trappist beers to warm up and were ready to go. That was actually the beginning of the festival for us. An hour later we’ve met another friend of ours in the city centre and decided to have a Saturday anti-hangover breakfast at Trusis Kafe. Continue reading

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Small cafe. Big windows. Good coffee.


Žanna is a small café with big windows that sits on the corner of Tomsona and Nītaures street. It’s about five minute walk from Labietis. Maybe not the most obvious location for a coffee shop, but I think it does really work with the idea behind Žanna. Continue reading

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Hidden gem at the Central Market

I would like to tell you about one hidden place in Riga. It is very new. I am speaking about the seafood restaurant in  Riga Central Market.


I find it bizarre that nobody has opened one before as markets in most port-cities will have a number of fresh seafood Continue reading

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Coolest guys in Cēsis – Autine Tools by John Neeman

At the end of year 2012 John Neeman’s bladesmith workshop is proceeding to next phase. Founding new and creative team of professionals, John Neeman establishes company AUTINE.

Our trip to Autine workshop… Continue reading

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Latvian Craft Beer. LABIETIS.

Beer lovers, this place is for you! Labietis – beer with personality. They are a microbrewery with a bar that is owned by two local award-winning home-brewers Reinis and Edgars.

No shots, no lemonade, no food, no TV, no dinosaurs, just good beer!

Continue reading

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MiiT. Coffee and bikes

MiiT is a cafe and a bicycle workshop that has been started by three bike enthusiasts – Raivis, Gundars and Andris a couple of years ago.

miit coffee

The cafe has great atmosphere, the staff is cool and friendly. But the most important thing about this place is COFFEE. It’s Continue reading

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