Latvian Craft Beer. LABIETIS.

Beer lovers, this place is for you! Labietis – beer with personality. They are a microbrewery with a bar that is owned by two local award-winning home-brewers Reinis and Edgars.

No shots, no lemonade, no food, no TV, no dinosaurs, just good beer!

They offer a wide range of different styles of beers. All of them are very hoppy, full of flavour, aroma and intensity. An interesting fact is that in Labietis they use not only traditional beer ingredients (malted barley, hops, yeast and water), here they make it with a twist by adding such ingredients as juniper berries, caraway seeds and heather that make their beer even more interesting. Latvian celebrity chef Martiņš Rītiņš in his TV show noted that Labietis beer matches food very well.

The bar’s interior design is a combination of contemporary decor and traditional Latvian elements. There is a big communal table in the middle of the room and a few small ones on the sides. Customers can watch the brewing process as the brewery is located behind the glass wall.


At the beggining the staff might seem a bit rude and arrogant, but kind of in a cool way. Remember that Labietis is all about great beer and it doesn’t serve any food, so make sure you had some dinner before visiting them. Be aware that Labietis is located in a hidden place which is not easy to find.

This January Labietis held a winter beer festival «Līgo Ziema» which was extremely fascinating. Don’t miss it next year!


Address: Aristida Briāna iela 9, Rīga, LV-1001

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