Hidden gem at the Central Market

I would like to tell you about one hidden place in Riga. It is very new. I am speaking about the seafood restaurant in  Riga Central Market.


I find it bizarre that nobody has opened one before as markets in most port-cities will have a number of fresh seafood cafes and restaurants. For example, at The Boqueria Market in Barcelona there are two of those, in Deauville (Normandy, France) at the fish market there are about eight seafood restaurants right next to each other, and  many have probably had a fried red mullet on the embankment in Istanbul. Riga, for some reason, did not have one until now despite the huge amount of fresh fish from the Baltic Sea deliverred to Riga Central Market every morning.


But this has finally happened! Just between the fish pavilion and veg pavilion there now is a small cafe. It is called Siļķītes un Dillītes (Herring and Dill) and if you are in Riga you should visit them.


The menu is spectacular consisting of fresh fish that was caught this morning: flounder, herring, eel, lamprey… In the morning the chef cooks two fish soups – one white and one red. The drink menu is tailored for a fish restaurant – Australian Pinot Grigio and French Chardonnay for as little as €10 per bottle, and of course if you want to eat herring like a local there is vodka (did you know that famous Stolichnaya vodka is made in Latvia?).

An unforgettable lunch in Riga is guaranteed.


Remember the following:

1) The restaurant closes same time as the market – 5pm.

2) When you made your order and had a sip of wine, go for a walk around the market while the chef is cooking your fish. It is extraordinary – the pavilions were German Zeppelin hangars during WW1 and there are only a handful of these structures left in the world!


Bargain with the traders and buy some smoked caviar and lamprey in jelly (necessarily from Salacgrīva!).  If you are lucky, a lounge DJ might play somewhere and you can find works of contemporary artists on the walls of the contemporary art center that is hidden away between the market warehouses. Riga central market is a place of wonder. And also this year our city is the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Web: https://www.facebook.com/SilkitesUnDillites

Address: 3 Centrāltirgus iela, Riga, Rīgas pilsēta LV-1050, Latvia

Photos by Siļķītes un Dillītes

Original article by Alex Dubas here

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