Small cafe. Big windows. Good coffee.


Žanna is a small café with big windows that sits on the corner of Tomsona and Nītaures street. It’s about five minute walk from Labietis. Maybe not the most obvious location for a coffee shop, but I think it does really work with the idea behind Žanna. You kind of want to stay here for a bit longer than just grabbing a quick coffee. It’s more of a place where you would go for a few coffees, to have lunch with your mate and also have a chat about coffee with the barista.


Žanna Café has its own espresso blend roasted for them at Gourmet Coffee in Estonia. The first coffee I had was a double espresso. It was a rich espresso shot pulled on a beautiful red La Marzocco, it had a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It also worked really well with milk as a latte and was served at the right temperature. I then also had an Ethiopian single origin pour over brewed through a V60 which was absolutely amazing.


The barista said it’s his first job at a coffee shop, but he was well trained to make perfect coffees. Surprisingly he also knew much about the coffee and its origins. He was really interested about what he was saying and passionate about his job and coffee. He also mentioned that they do cupping sessions and are planning to sell coffee beans in retail bags soon.


These guys really to care about coffee, and this is great that there is a place like this in Riga now. I wish to see them develop further and thank them for changing Riga coffee scene.

P.S. If you don’t know much about coffee, simply speak to the barista, he is happy to share his knowledge with you.


Address: Tomsona 2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1013

Photos: Žanna Cafe, Life in Riga, Coolest Guys in Riga

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